Let us help you connect with a Lutheran student ministry near your college or university.
As a youth ministry worker in a Lutheran congregation, as a high school junior or senior anticipating a move to a campus community, or as a parent or friend of a college-bound student, you are aware of some of the intellectual, emotional and spiritual challenges that come with a student’s transition to a campus environment. How can a student connect with a Christian faith community in which his or her faith can be strengthened and continue to grow amidst the challenges? Lutheran Campus Mission Association’s StudentConnect service can help.

Please take a few moments to fill out and submit the form below. If the campus community you have noted on the form is served by an LCMS pastor or campus ministry worker, we will securely and confidentially send him or her the information you have provided. The worker will contact you personally, offer you some information about the local Lutheran campus ministry, and help you understand how to become involved.


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