We challenge you to be active—no, relentless—in seeking opportunities to grow and strengthen your faith. There’s no such thing as an exhaustive collection of resources anymore; but you can trust that we have given careful thought to the resources we suggest in this section. We intend for our small list of helpful things to grow, and as we build it, we’ll stay dedicated to providing the best things we can find at a cost that’s easy on your budget.

To browse our resources, click one of these category links:

  • StudentConnect. StudentConnect is an interactive resource designed specifically to help a college-bound student get connected with a ministry leader in a campus community. It’s a free, confidential, no-obligation service, and the form can be completed and submitted by a student, pastor, youth minister, parent or friend.
  • Devotional Resources. This is only the beginning! More great resources soon to guide you in your devotional life!
  • Promotional Resources. We know you’ll want to tell others about your partnership with Lutheran Campus Mission Association and the value we can add to your ministry, leader development and outreach efforts. Here are some resources you can use.