Peer Missionary Volunteers

Just graduated—or graduating soon? Consider spending a year sharing the Gospel with young adults as a Peer Missionary Volunteer!


Why Peer Missionary Volunteers?

PMVLogoMedMany campus or young adult ministries are served by one church worker—most often a local congregation’s pastor, a director of Christian education, a part-time coordinator, or a volunteer. Student and young adult group sizes can run from fewer than 10 to around 50 or 60, and, depending on other responsibilities, the one ministry worker typically has the capacity for effective ministry to groups in that range.

The potential for reaching more young adults in ministry is often higher (sometimes dramatically higher). A campus or young adult ministry should be able to extend beyond its current numbers and beyond the current ministry services it provides, but to do that and still maintain effective ministry to its participating students, there must often be a way to extend the ministry worker’s capacity.

To accomplish this, we have established the role of Peer Missionary Volunteer.



CMVPMVBartA Peer Missionary Volunteer (PMV) accepts an assignment for an academic year to assist a ministry worker and/or ministry staff in reaching out to students in a campus community or young adults in other settings; coaching young adult leaders; operating the local campus/young adult ministry; and recruiting students for various sharing and service opportunities. The PMV may serve at the college/university from which he or she graduated, at a school in another state or region, or at a congregation desiring to intensify its ministry efforts to students and young adults.


PMV Selection and Service Process*
  1. A Peer Missionary Volunteer (PMV) candidate will be interviewed first by a committee from LCMA, then by the local ministry. Reasonable background checks, references, etc. will be included in this process.
  2. Depending on the assignment, the PMV should expect to raise funds (est. $6,000 to $8,000) and/or work full or part time to provide for his or her living expenses. A portion of the funds will be placed with LCMA and allotted monthly during the service year. It is anticipated that in a campus ministry assignment, the PMV’s part- or full-time job will not only provide income but also place the PMV in a context in which he or she can be in regular contact with students.
  3. Housing will be worked out with the local ministry. Housing may be provided by some host ministries.
  4. On July 1 prior to the service year, the PMV will begin a mentoring program with the participating local ministry.


LCMA Involvement
  • LCMA will provide orientation and follow-up.
  • LCMA will provide public relations, communications and fund raising support.
  • LCMA will provide access to short-term health insurance possibilities if needed.

* Subject to revision



LCMA is accepting applications now. Contact for application information.