Five14: Equipping for Effective Witness

Five14 logo blkbkgLutheran Campus Mission Association and St. Louis-based Lutheran Hour Ministries are partnering to offer LHM’s five14 evangelism training workshops for youth and young adults.

Lutheran Hour Ministries’ five14 program takes its name from Matthew 5:14-16: “You are light for the world. A city cannot be hidden when it is located on a hill…. In the same way let your light shine in front of people. Then they will see the good that you do and praise your Father in heaven.” Five14 participants discover that because the light of Christ illuminates and fuels their lives, they are able (and called!) to light the way for those whose lives have yet to be restored by the love and power of Jesus.

Young adult and student leaders trained to present five14 tailor the workshop presentations for their audiences. For a campus ministry group, presenters will bring insight to witnessing in the context of a higher education community; they will focus on how to build relationships that lead to spiritual conversations and how to respond to questions and challenges that postmodern thinkers often raise.

To learn more about five14 from Lutheran Hour Ministries, click here.

Interested in offering a five14 workshop at your campus church or campus center? Fill out our five14 form and let’s get started!