Introducing D360

SONY DSCD360: Nine Conversations About Whole-life Discipleship is a Bible study resource designed for ministry leaders and students to use together to explore whole-life discipleship. LCMA executive director Greg Koenig presents D360 in a conversational style with a minimum of churchy jargon, offering a colorful picture of the life of a redeemed believer.

“I think maybe I used the word ‘sanctification’ once,” says Greg, “although that’s what we churchy types might say D360 is about—the Holy Spirit’s work in every aspect of our lives, and our response to God’s invitation to join Him in His project of restoring His creation. My aim has been to give priority to understanding the concept rather than to knowing the vocabulary.”

D360‘s chapters—or conversations—tackle challenging aspects of living our faith:

One  In the Image
Two  Discipleship: A Life of Response to the Work of the Holy Spirit
Three  Christian Learning: Understanding God’s Word
Four  Community: God, You and Others
Five  Prayer: Your Direct Access to the God Who Listens
Six  Worship: It Might Not Be What You Think. It’s More.
Seven  Stewardship: It’s NOT (All) About Money?
Eight  Disciple-building. And Witness. And Evangelism.
Nine  What It All Could Look Like

Each conversation features a summary, a discussion section titled “Deal With It,” and a faith-in-action section called “Go and Do.” There’s also a sort of visionary Wrap-up conversation, and an appendix called “Big Ideas in the Bible,” which gives thumbnail sketches of a number of major biblical themes.

Although D360 is designed primarily for use by an individual or group of disciples together with a leader or mentor, individuals on their own discipleship quest—or friends discipling each other—can benefit from using it too.

There are also opportunities to join and continue the conversation!

Download a sample chapter of D360 here.

D360 is available in softcover and Kindle editions. For more information, go here.