Lutheran Campus Mission Association offers a targeted menu of campus and young adult ministry services and resources, developed to help you start and grow new ministries, connect with students and young adults, provide a rich and relevant faith life experience, and reach out to your campus or local community. These services and resources include:

  • Five14. We have partnered with St. Louis-based Lutheran Hour Ministries to offer Five14 for college and university ministries. Five14 is a training and resource program developed by LHM to equip teens and young adults in relational witnessing. The cornerstone of Five14 is a half-day workshop led by trained student presenters. Lutheran Hour Ministries also offers Five14 devotional resources, plus information and education resources at the Five14 blog.
  • Peer Missionary Volunteer. A Peer Missionary Volunteer (PMV) accepts a one-year assignment to assist a ministry worker and/or ministry staff in reaching out to students in a campus community or young adults in other settings; coaching young adult leaders; operating the local campus/young adult ministry; and recruiting students for various sharing and service opportunities. The PMV may serve at the college/university from which he or she graduated, at a school in another state or region, or at a congregation desiring to intensify its ministry efforts to students and young adults.
  • Conferences and Gatherings. LCMA endorses a powerful leadership conference held annually in northern Indiana. We will work with your leader/planning group to launch a leadership training event like this in your region.