27 May 2016

New Bible Study Resource Penned by LCMA’s Exec

D360: Nine Conversations About Whole-life DiscipleshipLast month, LCMA exec Greg Koenig released D360: Nine Conversations About Whole-life Discipleship, a resource intended for use in a variety of disciple-building relationships. Ignite had an opportunity to ask Greg a few questions about this new learning tool.

Ignite: So what’s D360?
GK: D360 digs into Scripture to help young-adult believers explore what it looks like to be, and grow as, and help build more disciples of Jesus.

Ignite: Aren’t there other discipleship resources already out there?
GK: Sure. But people finish reading books; Bible studies conclude. Somebody’s always ready for the next resource. And everybody learns differently—so D360 might be something that resonates in new ways with some folks. Its conversational style is designed to help that happen.

Ignite: That brings up my next question: Why D360—what motivated you to take on this project and frame it the way you have?
GK: Well, I talk about this at some length in the Introduction to D360, but my basic motivation was this: after His resurrection and before returning to the Father, Jesus commanded His followers to disciple all nations, baptizing them and teaching them the things He had taught His followers to do. In a world where discipleship can too easily and too often be assumed to mean church membership, the followers of Jesus can benefit from resources that lead them to a deeper, richer, fuller understanding of what being a disciple is about; that’s my aim for D360. “D360” is short for 360-degree Discipleship—that is, living as a disciple of Jesus at all times, in all contexts.

D360 is for students who are wrestling with some of the tough “Christian living” questions that college and adult life present—and who might be wrestling with their own sense of purpose and calling in the church. By the way, D360 doesn’t claim to resolve the tough questions—only to help a disciple wrestle.

Ignite: Sort of like tag-teaming, maybe?
GK: Ha, no, I’d say more like those strong smelling-salts things they wave under your nose to help clear your head. Um, well … it doesn’t pay to get too literal with a simile. I just mean that D360 might be able to help you glimpse a clearer picture of God’s project to restore creation—and His purpose for you in it.

Ignite: So what kinds of things can disciples expect to converse about?
GK: D360 addresses topics such as getting into God’s Word, prayer community, worship and so on. Here are the titles of the conversations:

One  In the Image
Two  Discipleship: A Life of Response to the Work of the Holy Spirit
Three  Christian Learning: Understanding God’s Word
Four  Community: God, You and Others
Five  Prayer: Your Direct Access to the God Who Listens
Six  Worship: It Might Not Be What You Think. It’s More.
Seven  Stewardship: It’s NOT (All) About Money?
Eight  Disciple-building. And Witness. And Evangelism.
Nine  What It All Could Look Like

Ignite: What else is in D360?
GK: Each conversation features a summary, a discussion section titled “Deal With It,” and a faith-in-action section called “Go and Do.” There’s also a sort of visionary Wrap-up conversation, and an appendix called “Big Ideas in the Bible,” which gives thumbnail sketches of a number of major biblical themes.

D360 is designed primarily for use by an individual or group of disciples, together with a leader or mentor. Individuals on their own discipleship quest—or friends discipling each other—can benefit from using it too.

Oh—also: the conversations in D360 don’t need to end when you close the book! Readers can just keep conversing at a blog I’ve set up: D360TheBlog.org.

Ignite: How can a person get D360?
GK: Well, this is actually kind of cool. From Monday, May 9 through Friday, May 13, you can download a Kindle edition of D360 for free; just click here. When you get there, you can also find out how to order a paperback version. [Look for future free Kindle-download opportunities beginning in July 2016!]

For more info and options, visit the D360 website page.

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