3 Sep 2015

Ignite Summer 2015: Potential!

From the executive director

Whenever you and I begin a new project or a new phase in our lives—or a new academic year—it’s natural to speak of it in terms of its potential: what need we expect finally to be met, what milestone we’ll be able to put behind us, what challenges will be overcome and what new challenges we have to look forward to.

This is one of those times for LCMA—a time of tremendous potential! And we’re excited about it. We may not be able to talk that much just now about all the potential we see; still, we’re excited to be able to share our excitement.

Partnership in outreach. We’ve enjoyed the beginnings of a great partnership with St. Louis-based Lutheran Hour Ministries. As you read in another article in this issue, there’s still an opportunity for a student group to sign up for the spring break volunteer trip that LHM and LCMA are offering in 2016—and there is the potential for more trips in 2017. And that’s just the beginning.

Partnership in leader development. What a blessing to work with the alliance of campus ministries that present the annual Campus Ministry Leadership Conference in Cedar Lake, Ind.—and to be promoting CMLC 2016 already! The potential we envision: working with an alliance of campus ministries to launch a similar leadership conference in YOUR region! Interested in this potential? Let’s get together.

Also in the area of leader development, we’re pleased to be able to partner with the Missouri District LCMS by promoting the District’s College Peer Ministry Training program. You’ll notice there’s another great workshop coming up soon—October 2-4. It’s “Campus Ministry 101: Nuts and Bolts of Campus Ministry.” The venue is Heit’s Point Lutheran Camp in Lincoln, Mo., and the cost is drastically reduced: just $95 per person. Maybe that offers the potential for your group to consider participating for the first time (or for the first time in awhile). I hope you noticed that your campus group doesn’t need to be a Missouri-district ministry for you to come to a Missouri District College PMT weekend; if you can get there, you’re welcome there!

We’re exploring the potential for much more in the area of College Peer Ministry Training; stay tuned.

Disciple-building resources. The potential for LCMA to produce some great stuff in the area of disciple-building? Here it is: it’ll only be “potential” for a little longer; then it will be a reality. By the end of this year. Really. Watch for more info in coming issues of Ignite.

See why we’re excited? It’s our prayer to be able to serve your ministry in ways that will equip you and your students to help build God’s kingdom. We’re looking forward to seeing that prayer granted—both in the potential we see before us and in ways we cannot even imagine.

God’s blessings to you for the academic year ahead, and God bless us in our ministry together.


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