25 Feb 2016

Ignite Fall 2015: Listening So We Can Serve

From the executive director

In our ministry world, meaningful progress depends so much on communication. If LCMA is committed to “equipping leaders to make disciples who make disciples on campus,” then not only do we need to understand what we mean when we use the terms “equipping,” “leaders,” and “make disciples”; we also need to check now and then (1) to affirm that being equipped to help build disciples is a priority for campus ministry leaders and (2) to ensure that we understand what you need to build disciples who build disciples effectively.

We believe that

  • developing and offering resources in understanding discipleship and building disciples is a good way to support you in your ministry;
  • sponsoring gatherings of staff leaders and student leaders helps you encourage and mentor young adults who can and will (and do!) serve as leaders for the church;
  • providing witnessing training and resources in partnership with a strong evangelism organization (such as Lutheran Hour Ministries) will support you and your students in your outreach to your campus community;
  • sponsoring workshops in active listening, biblical fitness and leading Bible studies will help you support students as frontline ministers to their peers.

Here’s the communication part: I want to hear from you. First: in what ways do our LCMA ministry focuses respond to the needs that you have in leading and reaching out to students, faculty and staff in your campus community? And then: what’s missing—what do you and other ministers you know need to lead and reach out more effectively (apart from loads and loads of money)? Pray about this, and then send your (confidential!) responses to me at campusmission@yahoo.com.

I won’t promise that LCMA can supply what you need—only that I’ll devote serious thought to every serious concern you express. I might also try to get in touch to ask a question or two. Our need is to understand your ministry’s needs. This is how we work together.

God bless us in our ministry together!


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