1 Feb 2016

Ignite Fall 2015: Beautiful Feet – Help Wanted!

“Thanks to everybody at Concordia University Nebraska for a great mission event!” says LCMA’s Greg Koenig, who participated in the CUNE-hosted 2015 Beautiful Feet Conference. The theme for Beautiful Feet 2015 was “Help Wanted: ‘The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.'”

As the theme implies, the focus of Beautiful Feet 2015 was the vastness of the mission field, both abroad and at home—and Jesus’ call for His followers to serve as harvesters. Special attention was given to the reality that the mission field is in our homes … just outside our door … on our campus … in the church … on the soccer field … and a lot of other places that are within our reach every day.

Beautiful Feet 2015 featured a lineup of inspiring speakers—including LCMA Board member Rev. Greg Bearss (LakePointe Church, Hot Springs, Ark.), Pastor Bill Steinbauer from University Lutheran Chapel, Lincoln, Neb. and upcoming Campus Ministry Leadership Conference speaker Dani Tietjen. Also included were opportunities to travel to various community sites around CUNE’s hometown, Seward, to participate in a variety of servant activities.

Koenig looks forward to exhibitor time slots at Beautiful Feet. “Frequently when a participant at a Beautiful Feet event visits the LCMA table, our conversation will begin, ‘So … what is this?'” he says. “Much of LCMA’s work is geared for discipleship and outreach in public university contexts, and Beautiful Feet is primarily geared for CUS schools, so there are comparatively few times when our ‘worlds’ intersect. But a significant number of our visitors at Beautiful Feet are pre-ministry, deaconess, DCE, and DCO students, and when I bring up the possibility that they could receive a ministry or vicarage call into campus ministry, curiosity often turns to interest. Beautiful Feet has consistently been one of the best ways to connect with these future workers and talk about the campus mission field.”

Want to get a feel for the Beautiful Feet 2015 experience? Check out the great photos on the Beautiful Feet Facebook page.

When and where is Beautiful Feet headed next, you ask? BF 2016 will be held November 3-5 and hosted by Concordia University Portland! Will we see you there?

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