College 101: A Helpful Handbook for Christian Students

College 101 coverAnxious? Uncertain? Whether you’re heading to campus for the first time, in the middle of your senior year, or even looking at grad school, you’re not alone if you have concerns about college life and culture.

It’s probably impossible to answer every question you have—but the young-adult authors of College 101: Campus Life for Christians can offer advice, counsel and even comfort based on experience … and the faith that has seen them through the challenges of college life.

College 101‘s ten chapters were written by students with a variety of higher education experiences—large state universities, small colleges, even a Concordia University System school. Topics include dorm life, finances, dating and relationships, being Christian on a secular campus, self-preservation and more. Each young-adult author offers advice with candor and courage.

Rev. Marty Marks, leader of The Refuge Lutheran campus ministry at Northern Illinois University, and DCE Greg Witto, leader of the Immanuel Lutheran Campus Ministry at Eastern Illinois University, served as consultants for College 101. Marks heads up the leadership team for the northern Midwest Campus Ministry Leadership Conference (CMLC). Witto is a member of the CMLC leadership team and also serves on the Lutheran Campus Mission Association Board of Directors.

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