2 Jan 2017

Ignite Summer 2016: Discipleship – It’s Your Whole Life, Christian

From the executive director

I’ve shared before that LCMA’s mission is equipping leaders to make disciples who make disciples on campus. Disciple-building: it’s why we sponsor the Campus Ministry Leadership Conference in Indiana and why we’re ready to sponsor more. It’s why I undertook the task of developing the D360 Bible study resource (although I will admit to a certain amount of personal exhilaration during the research and writing of it). It’s why we’re taking a hard look at offering a retreat-style conference specifically for campus ministry workers.


It’s Jesus’ word for us. We all learned the passage in Matthew (28:19) in which He commands his disciples to disciple others. We also learned things He said about being disciples—things like “none of you can be my disciples unless you give up everything” (Luke 14:33). He didn’t use the term “believer” or “convert” or “church member.” He used disciple. From the Latin discipulus, translated from the Greek mathetes, translated from the Hebrew talmid—which is likely the actual word He used.

To be a disciple in the time of Jesus was to put aside the trappings of your life and wrap up everything about yourself in what you learned as you followed your rabbi. Is this what Jesus had in mind when He commanded his disciples to disciple others? In a word, yes. Disciples—not “disciples lite” or “disciples for dummies” either. Disciples (Add two letters and you get discipline.).

Whole-life disciples.

Whole-life discipleship starts at your baptism—or whenever the Holy Spirit works faith in your heart. It’s a grace-fueled, Spirit-guided frame of mind that can infuse everything you do, everything you plan to do—on the road to becoming everything God has called you to do and to be.

Is disciple-building a big job? Yes, and it’s one that is designed to continue well beyond our short time with each student. Our prayer at LCMA is simply to be able to provide you the tools you truly need to be effective in the task of building disciples.

More to come!

God bless us in our ministry together!


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