8 Jun 2017

Ignite Spring 2017 – Campus Ministry Leadership Conference 2017: Picture Yourself…

It’s in February, yes. It’s in the Midwest, usually northern Indiana—where not that many people travel in February. But you’re going; you leave on Friday afternoon, travel one hundred … two hundred … miles … or more, and then, thirty hours (or less) later, you’re back on your own campus.

Why? Because the roughly nineteen hours you spend with 50 to 70 other student leaders and campus ministry directors at the Campus Ministry Leadership Conference helps make a difference in the way you put your faith into action.

Campus Ministry Leadership Conference 2017 was held February 10-11 at the Chapel of the Resurrection on the campus of Valparaiso University. The featured speaker, DCE Mark Novacekhimself a product of this same conferenceshared his heart for ministry in a presentation titled “The Power of Yes!” It was an up-close, personal look at moments in his life when he said yes to the Spirit’s calland how he was blessed and challenged as a result. Tip from Mark: make sure to treat yourself to “happy Jesus time” every day. (Photo: Mark Novacek leads a session of “The Power of YES!”)

CMLC2017 also offered participants rich opportunities to worship together, pray together, talk together, share ideas, and ignite lasting friendships.

Now, about that “not many people travel to northern Indiana for a conference in February” thing…. Maybe a one-day intensive conference like CMLC sounds like a pretty good idea for you and your studentsbut you’re in Nebraska or Arizona or Texas or Georgia or Oregon, and it’s just not practical to think about. Well, true, the Indiana event may not be for you; but think about the CMLC model: with just a little bit of collaboration, planners from just a handful of ministries can put together a great retreat-style conference like CMLCat the ideal venue, in your region, on dates that work for the majority of your student leaders. And LCMA will support you and connect you with veteran CMLC planners who can help you plan!

We invite leaders to come scout CMLC every year to experience for themselves the kind of impact a grassroots leadership event like it can have. In fact, we invite you, right now, to CMLC2018 next February 9-10, at the Dunes Learning Center in Porter, Indiana; stay tuned for info. (Photo: Student leader small group discussion time)

But in the mean time, you don’t have to wait for the 2018 conference to get started on one that you can hold in your region (Oh, and by the way, you get to choose the name of your event; no need to stamp it “CMLC Athens” or “CMLC Southwest” or “CMLC North Dakota District,” although those sound pretty sweet.). Visit http://golcma.org/programs/36-2/leadershippeer-ministry-conferences for info. Then contact us at campusmission@yahoo.com.

Want to see more pics from CMLC2017? Visit LCMA’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Lutheran-Campus-Mission-Association-234872823004. If you were there, tag yourself and your friends. (Photo: Staff leader small group discussion time)

Photos: Greg Koenig

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