2 Jan 2017

Ignite Fall 2016: D360 – Get a Copy and Join the Conversation!

Ask 50 people at your church the question, “What is worship?” and some, perhaps many, will respond that it’s the time the congregation gathers on Sunday mornings to praise God, hear a message from His Word, celebrate the sacrament of communion and offer prayers as the Body of Christ. Search the Internet for the topic and you will come up with many articles and videos on worship with this as their focus. Well, even though there is little in the Bible to support these folks’ perspective on worship, they’re not wrong.

But worship deserves to be looked at from a broader perspective….   (Introduction to D360 Conversation Six: “Worship: It Might Not Be What You Think. It’s More.”)

It’s always a great time to check out LCMA executive director Greg Koenig’s D360: Nine Conversations About Whole-life Discipleship, published this year as a Bible study resource for a variety of disciple-building scenarios. In D360 Greg draws into focus Jesus’ command for His followers—”wherever you go, build disciples”: if this is Jesus’ hope for us, Greg says, why do many of us simply settle for making church members? Greg explores seven critical components of the life of a disciple, giving special emphasis to three whole-life “ships” of the Christian character: discipleship, worship, stewardship.

You can use D360 as a tool for one-on-one discipling, group Bible study, and leader training. You can also just give it to a friend and say, “Want to take your discipleship up a notch? Read this!”

D360 is available in Kindle and paperback versions from Amazon. To learn more about D360 and even download a sample chapter, click here.

Want to read the fall 2016 issue of Ignite in its entirety? Click here!

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