2 Jan 2017

Ignite Fall 2016: Beautiful Feet, Messy Hands

CUC Portland Hosts 2016 Mission Conference

bfmc2016-groupbStudents and leaders from Concordia University System schools across the country made the trek northwest to gather at Concordia University Portland for the 2016 Beautiful Feet College Mission Conference.

“The Portland team put on a great event,” says LCMA exec Greg Koenig, who represented LCMA as an exhibitor and breakout speaker. “I was especially inspired by the passion for Gospel outreach I saw in everybody I spoke with. And servant hearts! Participants really embodied the ‘Beautiful Feet, Messy Hands’ conference theme—pouring themselves out for struggling members of the community during the servant activity.

“This was the ideal venue for showcasing LCMA’s new D360 disciple-building resource,” Greg adds. “There was a lot of interest in building discipleship energy and in exploring our idea that being a disciple is responding with your whole life to the work of the Holy Spirit.

“Thanks so much to the team at CUC Portland for putting on the ‘Beautiful Feet, Messy Hands’ conference. Great job!”

Where is Beautiful Feet headed in 2017? St. Paul! We’re planning to be there; come see us!

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